Help others heal.

It was not called OIF1. I don't care who you ask. OIF year one, may be appropriate but Im not here to debate the name of something. I want to build for good. This is a place to combine our abilities to help each other because like it or not you are my tribe.

"we can learn from tribal societies about loyalty, belonging, and the eternal human quest for meaning" -Tribe, Junger 

Author Sebastion Junger floored me with his book Tribe. In it, he describes Native American cultural habits of warriors healing warriors during ceremonies. I think the components of his story are grounded in a natural truth. Sharing the weight of something makes it lighter.

It is fairly easy to decipher that as we (Veterans) age, we will need support. We do not presume to know what the future looks like. That will not stop us from taking action today though to unite our voices into the force that can help influence our future as well as our countries.